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Here is the Challenge code software for installs where access to the Internet is not permitted. The code generated by the install of this software must be submitted to for a license code.
The user manual for Flip-Q is under the help menu in Flip-Q software.
Here is the link to download the current PC demo software, [] This software can be un-locked to either the Pro or Lite version of our software wit...
The following is to help support customers on Macs whose Flip-Q software seems to “de-register” itself which is actually the registration “plist” file going missing from the Mac. On the most recent MAC OS's be sure to go into your system preferences secur...
Your Flip-Q registration can be "cleaned out" or removed by anti-virus software lke Malware Anti-Bytes, Kaspersky or other anti-virus software. When the registry file on a PC or the plist file on a Mac is removed the Flip-Q software will open in demo mode...
The Flip-Q user manual is built into Flip-Q under the help menu.  It's in pdf form and you can print or export directly from your software.
You can move your Flip-Q software to a new computer if you de-activate your license by inputting the ID and number in the help/register area of Flip-Q. If the software does not de-activate you can contact us via phone, email or the support ticket to get a...
Here is the file for PowerFlip.
if you are having issues with getting an iPAD running iCUE to sync via Bluetooth with an iPHONE running iCUE Remote try re-starting both devices.  This seems to solve an issue know since iOS 10.
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